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Press FAQ

Information about TaskMerlin 5.2 for the press, bloggers and reviewers.

Where do I start?

TaskMerlin Resources

You can take the 5 minute tour which includes a bunch of screenshots, or get the basic rundown here. You can also see what some of our users say, our most recent press release, and a description of the major new features available in version 5.

What's the big picture?

TaskMerlin is a complete Getting-Things-Done solution for both individuals and organizational teams running over an office network.

How does TaskMerlin differ from other productivity software?

  • A visually-oriented design which promotes focus
  • A simple and intuitive interface that is also highly customizable
  • Integrates task-oriented and schedule-based workflows
  • Powerful point-and-click filtering and searching
  • Supports the GTD method in team-based environments

Can I put the software through it's paces?

Yes, you can download and install TaskMerlin. To receive a complimentary license key, which enables all the features, just e-mail Andrew (see below) and mention your press or blog affiliation.

Can I get a logo?

Or an icon?

Who can I contact for further information?

Andrew Macdonald

TaskMerlin 5.2
Microsoft Windows PC project softwareWindows 11/10, 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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Selected Press Releases
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Task Management Software

Testimonial"This is by far the ONLY task management software on the market that has come close to a complete solution. The fact that you integrate project management style framework with GTD-type functionality is what I have been looking for. This is a great product that is far superior to a lot of the more "well-known" ones on the market. Good job."
Khaled J.
Dubai, UAE

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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