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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with TaskMerlin?

Download, install and run TaskMerlin. When prompted by the Welcome screen, create an Examples database and then refer to the Welcome to TaskMerlin! item to get started. For information about the installation process, refer to the Installation Guide. For specific questions about using TaskMerlin, select FAQs from the TaskMerlin Help menu or check out the TaskMerlin User Guide (PDF).

If you are a blogger or member of the press, please see also our Press FAQ.

What is your upgrade policy?

A purchased license includes free minor updates (bug fixes and improvements). You also have the option to purchase up to three years of upgrades which includes all major versions released during this time. After that time, major version upgrades will be available at a discounted price.

Can I retrieve my lost license key or setup file?

Yes, you can retrieve your lost license key or download the setup file for your licensed version. To download a setup file, scroll down to the release log section describing your version and click on the link.

Can I share my database with other users on an office network?

Yes, for users of the TaskMerlin Professional Edition. See the office network installation guide and the TaskMerlin help topic entitled Remote Database Access | LAN (Local Area Network) for further information.

Can I access my database over the Internet?

Yes. For multi-user access, one way is to store the database on a server PC running Microsoft SQL Server or on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure or on a Windows-based web host. A second way is to use Windows Remote Desktop Services which comes installed with Windows. For single-user access, Dropbox and other cloud storage drives are supported. See the TaskMerlin help topic entitled Remote Database Access | Remote Connection to the Database for more information on these and other solutions.

I would like to use TaskMerlin on my work PC, my home PC and on my laptop. Do I need more than one license?

No, one license is sufficient for this use. For details, see the TaskMerlin End User License Agreement (PDF).

TaskMerlin 5.2
Microsoft Windows PC project softwareWindows 11/10, 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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Support and Upgrades
EULA You can optionally add up to three years of support and major version upgrades.
Task Management Software

Testimonial"One of the most flexible tools I have ever used. ... Basically, I have been using TaskMerlin for several years, and have searched and tried other task managers. TaskMerlin continues to provide the best organization of my tasks and projects ... Task Merlin starts when I need it in the morning and can stay out of the way when I am busy. It is the first thing I open, and the last item I close."

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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