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Press Release: January 8, 2013

Automated Gantt Charts for a Complete Project Management Solution

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Chicago, IL - Interfathom has released TaskMerlin v. 5, a flexible Windows project management application that lets you track projects of all types, from simple to-do lists to huge projects involving teams of workers across the globe.

New features in the version 5 Professional Edition include sophisticated Gantt charts that lay out your entire project in a timeline. This makes it simple for the management team to track the project's critical path, and to assess the impact that any delay will have on the overall project. No more cumbersome assembly of Gantt charts - this feature automatically creates the chart as you enter information, and allows editing of the chart itself, for simple and visual rearrangements according to project needs.

Version 5 also adds new flexibility to the design of screens, reports, and data. It's now easy to create user-defined fields, and to change the names of any fields to meet the project's needs. In addition, the latest release of TaskMerlin lets you tailor online screens to be consistent with each team member's work assignments. Edit screens, for example, can be restricted to match each individual's area of responsibility.

The software continues to offer a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than online project management solutions. Most importantly, TaskMerlin avoids the data security problems associated with storing sensitive information on the Internet.

TaskMerlin lets you develop and share task lists, schedules, notes, Gantt charts, and project plans. You can track appointments, manage reminders, and search, sort, and filter the 40+ fields that TaskMerlin displays. TaskMerlin continues to deliver flexible features such as the ability to structure and view specific tasks, the ability to customize tracking screens and reports, and even the ability to tailor tasks to be compatible with David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow methodology.

TaskMerlin v. 5 runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2012/2008/2003, and is easy to integrate into Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other desktop software.

The Personal Edition of TaskMerlin, for use on a single PC, costs $75(US). Prices for the Professional Edition, which provides simultaneous multi-user database access and individual passwords, email settings, popup reminders, filter definitions, and display options begin at $150(US) per PC, with quantity discounts available.

Visit https://www.taskmerlin.com to learn more about TaskMerlin or to download the trial version.

Press Contact:
Andrew Macdonald
Interfathom, LLC

Editorial Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About Interfathom and TaskMerlin:

Since 2005, Interfathom has been developing and marketing project management and information management software for organizations and individuals. Their flagship application, TaskMerlin, started when the company's principal designers couldn't find a Windows application that delivered the rich feature set and flexibility needed to track information and project status details for their growing company. TaskMerlin is compact enough to use for the management of simple task lists, and scalable from personal use to a multi-user line management or project management environment.

TaskMerlin continues to evolve and adapt to the diverse and changing needs of its customers, while remaining quick, secure, and easy to use.

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Testimonial"This is by far the ONLY task management software on the market that has come close to a complete solution. The fact that you integrate project management style framework with GTD-type functionality is what I have been looking for. This is a great product that is far superior to a lot of the more "well-known" ones on the market. Good job."
Khaled J.
Dubai, UAE

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