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Press Release: June 23, 2010

Project Management Software Improved: Helps Manage Tasks, Projects, Schedules, and Reminders

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Interfathom has released its latest project management software, TaskMerlin v. 3.0, an intuitive and easy-to-use Windows application that makes it simple to organize notes, tasks, and schedules, and share them with colleagues. Unlike other task managers that lock their users into a fixed format, TaskMerlin offers complete flexibility for naming, structuring, and viewing tasks. TaskMerlin's flexibility makes it ideal for project and management teams' collaboration, as well as for workers who follow David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow methodology.

The major new feature of v. 3.0 is TaskMerlin's Calendar software. Create a new appointment with a single click or keystroke. Quickly add reminders to any task or appointment. To reschedule an appointment, users can drag and drop it, or use a mouse to change its size on the Calendar. TaskMerlin's new Calendar software is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, and provides scheduling, appointment, and reminder functionality with fewer keystrokes and less work.

With TaskMerlin’s project management software and calendar software, it is easy to store, organize, manage, and retrieve information. This information can be as simple as notes and appointments, or as complex as multi-person, multi-year projects. Users of the software can track due dates, the person assigned to each task, its priority, and the time spent working on it. It's easy to retrieve and display tasks based on these attributes, or on any text found in the task descriptions.

Those who use the software can become productive with TaskMerlin in minutes. Create project folders, and drag and drop tasks into them. Modify status information and content in place, with no need to navigate menus or open additional windows. Users can even edit multiple tasks at once. There are many pre-defined task types and status descriptions to choose from, or simply create their own.

The built-in editor can be used to create task information, or copy and paste text and images. Hyperlinks can be added to related tasks and to web pages. All information is fully searchable, and it can be sorted and filtered so the information appears on the screen. Choose from more than 40 columns of information that are built into TaskMerlin. When creating a new task, its name is the only required field. It's simple to fill in additional information when it is convenient.

In the Professional Edition, all users can log into TaskMerlin, and update the fields that they have been authorized to change. Each user has their own password, email settings, popup reminders, filter definitions, and display options.

Whether you're a manager who needs to track deadlines and deliverables with your project team, a GTD enthusiast who wants task management software that conforms to the GTD structure, or an Outlook user who requires calendar software that is more powerful and more convenient than the one provided by Microsoft, TaskMerlin has the tools that you need.

TaskMerlin v. 3.0 runs under Windows 7/Server 2003 and 2008/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98. The Personal Edition, for use on a single PC, costs $49(US). The Professional Edition, with multi-user simultaneous database access, costs $99 for a single-user license. Multi-user discounts are available. To learn more about the project management software or its calendar software, or to download the trial version, visit https://www.taskmerlin.com.

Press Contact:
Andrew Macdonald

Editorial Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About Interfathom and TaskMerlin:

Interfathom is a software development company located in Manhattan, New York. The company's owners are particularly interested in the organization of information and the creation of easy-to-use and flexible information management products for individuals and organizations.

The core TaskMerlin idea was conceived when Interfathom's principal designers were looking, without success, for a flexible and intuitive task management tool to use in their respective jobs. They decided to build their own project management software, and to make a tool that would easily adapt to their individual and changing needs, as well as being scalable from personal use to multi-user environments.

After further development to accommodate suggestions from a growing number of users, TaskMerlin was released in 2005 as a commercial product. In line with the original design philosophy, TaskMerlin continues to evolve and adapt to the diverse and changing needs of Interfathom's customers, while remaining quick and easy to use.

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Testimonial"This is by far the ONLY task management software on the market that has come close to a complete solution. The fact that you integrate project management style framework with GTD-type functionality is what I have been looking for. This is a great product that is far superior to a lot of the more "well-known" ones on the market. Good job."
Khaled J.
Dubai, UAE

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