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TaskMerlin Software Release Log

Version 5

11/02/21 Updated documentation and help pages for Windows 11
    Updated Microsoft SQL Server documentation to Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    Uses default web browser for item content hyperlinks
10/26/21 Dual-signed software files with SHA-1 and SHA-256
10/25/21 Support for TLS e-mail protocol through to version 1.3
01/03/17 Displays background color in the Folder View
03/06/16 Restored ability to paste items as text
    Fixed Gantt Chart active task error message
    Fixed expanded calendar value error message
09/05/15 Updated documentation and help pages for Windows 10
    Added options unlinking date and progress fields from time fields
    Removed sound when prompting to cancel changes
04/23/15 Saves custom colors when editing foreground and background color fields
    Fixed error setting a user-defined number via the Item Grid menu
    Added Gantt Chart toolbar option to show Duration date types
    Dragging an item in the Gantt Chart will now scroll when necessary
    Handles https correctly when pasting a hyperlink
01/27/15 Includes user-defined fields when printing items
12/19/14 Fixed permissions problem when creating a SQL Server database
    Fixed behavior when double-clicking in the Grid column header
    Fixed overlapping Calendar items bug
10/24/14 Simplified integration with web hosts providing MS SQL Server
    Supports multiple item selection when in-place editing in the Grid
    Added column renaming menu option to the Grid context menu
    Can double-click in the Grid background area to create new items
    Added "other text fields" search option to the Find dialog window
    Improved sorting when shifting and creating in-place items
    Can specify the database in shortcut icons without a /db: prefix
    Modified Date field now includes the time component when sorting
    Added work day option to repeating tasks
    Fixed flicker when in-place editing in the Item Grid
    Fixed login error following filter deletion
08/19/14 Updated Microsoft SQL Server documentation to Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    Fixed error when updating user profiles in the Evaluation Edition
    Fixed clipboard paste memory error
07/08/14 Added date range option when printing the Gantt Chart
    Added option to e-mail the item contact when a reminder is due
    Fixed error when updating user profiles on Microsoft SQL Server
    Fixed timeout when converting a large database to a remote SQL Server
    Fixed registration file error preventing installation on some PCs
05/30/14 Gantt Chart relative predecessor links retained after copy-and-paste
    Added a horizontal line for each row on Gantt Chart printouts
    Fixed bug where milestones were shown for morning intervals
    Fixed GMT timezone error when syncing with Google Calendar
    Fixed conversion of checkboxes in text-only output
04/04/14 Updated Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure documentation
    Improved network failure retry logic
    Fixed column repair error
02/21/14 Google synchronization improvements
    Fixed task completion bug
01/21/14 Additional Microsoft SQL Server integration documentation
    Fixed error when hovering over hyperlinks with hash symbols
01/15/14 Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Azure integration (Pro Edition)
    Added filtering option for Google synchronization
    Can delete shortcuts from the Database Wizard window
    Fixed ampersand display problem in folder name
11/04/13 Google synchronization improvements
10/24/13 Google Calendar and Google Tasks synchronization
    Added new repeating task options
    Optimized speed when moving or deleting multiple items
    Option to select shade of selected Folders item when focus is lost
    Added landscape orientation option for item printing
    Fixed error with Gantt Chart thumbscroll after a window resize
    Fixed bug where Edit window field layout changes were not saved
06/28/13 Prevented Progress reset when editing Grid Start date
    Prevented Start date movement when modifying Progress
06/08/13 Added option to display the Parent summary on Calendar items
    Gantt Chart items can be indented/outdented using drag-and-drop
    Fixed license count problem
04/09/13 Status is set to Completed when Progress is set to 100%
    Gantt Chart timeline column width is now followed when printing
03/27/13 Fixed delay when opening the E-Mail Item window
03/18/13 Added Duration information to the Gantt Chart tool tip
    Fixed bug with Outlook copy-and-paste prompt
    Fixed filter upgrade problem
02/03/13 Improved user-defined number editing
    Fixed redundant e-mail notifications
    Time Spent field is now set correctly when Progress is set to 100% on completion
    Fixed month view title color for Windows XP
01/23/13 Added 24 hour time format support for the Calendar time scale
    Preserves time when the date or progress fields are modified
    Fixed the Completed/Closed color rule option
    Minor interface fixes
12/20/12 Fixed field positioning problem in the Edit Item window
12/17/12 Interactive Gantt Chart view (Professional Edition)
    Setup Wizard dialog window
    Added Item field renaming dialog window
    Eight new user-defined Item fields (text and numeric)
    Customization of the Edit window fields layout via context menu
    Can drag column headers to rearrange columns in the Item Grid
    Column header context menu to add/remove columns in the Grid
    Can drag row headers to rearrange fields in the Preview details
    New context menu to add or remove fields in the Preview details
    Added spell checker
    Added "Timeline" menu option to the Calendar context menu
    Added horizontal scroll bar to the Calendar
    Calendar and Month View usability improvements
    Synchronizes the Start and Finish date fields with the Duration field
    Increased size of checkboxes in the Edit window content area
    Added item predecessor filter fields
    Fixed color settings bug in the Folder View
    Fixed Preview pane in-place editing flicker when selecting folders
    Modified $FIRSTDAY filter variables to use current month and year
    Modified weekday filter variables to use the current week
    Added option to specify the default time unit for the Time fields
    New items now trigger the owner/assignee change in e-mail notifications
    Added Item Grid option to filter within the selected folder
    Changed Deadline field handling for tasks that recur on completion
    Moved some Option window settings from the TaskMerlin User section to the Database section (Date and Time, Schedule, Rules)
    Renamed some Item fields (Due Date to Deadline, Total Time to Duration, Linked To to Predecessor)

Version 4

05/01/12 Hyperlink address is displayed in the Status Bar when hovering
    Calendar toolbar shows previous/next buttons by default
    When the Month View tab is clicked when already selected, the Calendar is displayed
    Overdue takes precedence over past end date in the color rules
    Fixed error that occurred after saving the general filter options
03/08/12 Categorizes dropdown lists that display more than ten users
    Full tags list is now displayed in the Tag field when a space is typed
    Pasting Outlook e-mails now sets the Owned By and Assigned To fields based on the From and To addresses
    Can drag-and-drop item in the Item Grid to shift up and down
    Pasted urls now automatically create a hyperlink
    Added "Move to Folder" menu option to the Calendar context menu
    Removed 1000 character export limit for the content field
    Added option to show only the list tab in the reminder popup
    Fixed Enter key error in the Item Preview Details pane
01/31/12 Added Application Programming Interface (API)
    Pasting items into a Calendar month cell retains the original times
12/09/11 Added Filter pane context menu options to print filtered hierarchical reports
    Added Calendar option to show week numbers in the month grid
    Added option to inherit parent Owned By and Assigned To values for new items
    Added Contact field template option
    Fixed hyperlinks when used with bullet points
    Global hot key now correctly restores maximized window
11/13/11 Added options to e-mail user on priority or due date change
    Fixed color selection in the Color options
    Increased text length for the user name
    Supports copying-and-pasting of individual Outlook attachments into the content area
    Minor interface improvements
10/06/11 Ctrl-click on arrows to navigate one year in the Month View
    Added shortcut keys for previous and next Grid task (Ctrl-Comma, Ctrl-Period)
    Fixed Item Grid context menu flicker
    Corrected Due Date handling for tasks recurring on completion
    Fixed Search panel options in the Find dialog window
    Reports now use the Show Completed Items option
08/22/11 Propagates recurring task reminders
    Stores an item pasted to the Calendar in the copied item's folder
    Corrected DPI scaling for some dialog windows
    Added Summary width option for the Folder and Item Grid report
07/25/11 Displays unconnected Start Date or End Date on the Calendar
    Added option to show multiple lines per item in the Calendar month view
    Quick Notes can now be printed
    Selects items after copy-and-paste
    Miscellaneous usability improvements
07/18/11 Removed e-mail template subject length limit
    Includes item summary when printing Content pane
    Quick Notes now remain open when applying options
    Fixed concurrency issue causing duplicate recurring tasks
07/01/11 Improved project statistics print formatting
    Fixed custom type permission option
    Fixed database lock count problem
06/19/11 Fixed printing error for large reports
06/17/11 Added hierarchical project reports
    Added HTML/CSS project report (Professional Edition)
    Added project statistics to the Item report
    Removed unassigned (blank) fields from the Item report
    Added editor menu option to create items from selected text
    Completed Date updatable in Item Grid/Preview Details panes
    Improved global hot key window focus handling
    Added Quick Notes option to scroll to the end of the window
    Added Folder View toolbar button to show specified outline level
    Added Folder View toolbar buttons to shift folders up and down
    Added option to exclude time from the Item Editor Timestamp
    Added Search Exact Phrase/All Words/Any Word match option
    Added Item Contact user field
    Added User Tag field to facilitate user group filtering
    Added Overdue By column
    Added Tree Order column for sorting based on project hierarchy
    New projects check the Is Owner Item option by default
    Added option to hide completed items in the Folder View
    Color options now also apply to the Folder View
    Added more information to pasted Outlook appointments
    Added option to move pasted Outlook appointments to the selected calendar cell
    Added Item Grid context menu option to add a Calendar item
    Added file drag-and-drop support to the Item Editor
    Improved image pasting support

Version 3

04/18/11 Changes to Outlook integration and calendar help topics
03/31/11 Added Content area copy-and-paste support for Outlook items and attachments
    Added options to e-mail the item assignee and owner when a reminder is due
    Added Microsoft Outlook Integration program help file topic
    Added project progress and EVM totals to the Edit Item window About tab
    Fixed Quick Notes save error on Windows shutdown
    Applies Folder View item display option when showing the folder selection window
02/21/11 Fixed item ordering bug in Calendar month view
    Fixed error when Windows short date format includes day of week
    E-mail now sends if reminder time occurred while logged out
    Multi-monitor display improvements
01/15/11 Calendar print and print preview
    Active calendar days highlighted in bold on the Month View
    Added project time totals to the Edit Item window About tab
    Items in the Archives or Bin folders will not recur
    Remembers last folder for the Insert Object window
    Embedded object edits are now saved when no content text has changed
11/26/10 Fixed error related to the Calendar "Filter By" selection
    Calendar "Filter By" selection is now remembered after switching panes
    Microsoft Outlook appointment pasting improvements
11/01/10 Content area "Insert Object" context menu item improvements, including OLE linking and label renaming
    Added option to color item when past the end date
    Saves custom colors in item editing windows
    Added e-mail exception option for the login user
    Fixed in-place editing item selection bug
    Recovers from invalid data settings
    Fixed recurrence bug when processing invalid dates
08/08/10 Due Date displayed on Calendar (hold down Shift key to create)
    Added "Show date type" Calendar toolbar button
    Hyperlinks now support all language characters and symbols
    Improved Calendar next/previous button handling for work week
    Microsoft Outlook items can now be copy-and-pasted into calendar timeslots
    Improved Calendar item dragging in top area and month area
    Calendar-based recurring item improvements
    Fixed bug where a recurring item was not always created in the specified folder
    Fixed bug where simultaneous e-mail reminders only triggered a single e-mail
    Fixed bug with saving Options under certain circumstances
    Modified setup to perform a per-machine install
06/27/10 Added folder sub-task column updating (hold down the Shift key when using the Item Grid Set... context menu option)
    Added option to e-mail the owned by user when a task status changes
    Added Print toolbar buttons with Print/Preview option
05/19/10 Content editor now supports East Asian Keyboard IME
    Fixed auto-archiving rule when completing task in edit window
05/10/10 Allows drag-and-drop of Outlook items onto the Calendar view
    Distinguishes between Outlook meeting and appointment types
    Minor interface fixes
05/04/10 Fixed error caused by top-level folder editing
04/28/10 Fixed Month View error for Korean dates
04/26/10 Calendar view
    Added Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 appointment drag-and-drop and copy/paste support
    Includes reminders when adding items to the Outlook To-Do List
    Customizable toolbars ("Add or Remove buttons" dropdown list)
    Filter folders
    Added "Convert item to folder" menu option to the "New Folder" Item Grid toolbar button
    Added status dropdown list to the Item Grid toolbar
    Added search box to the Item Grid toolbar
    Added filter dropdown list to the Item Grid toolbar
    Added toolbars to the Manage Type customization windows
    User interface improvements
    Drag-and-drop scrolling improved in the Folders pane
    Allows scrolling with Mouse-wheel without clicking in pane
    Added Maximize/Restore pane button
    Additional item information in the Edit Item window About tab
    Fixed date rounding error when sending to the Outlook To-Do List
    Fixed delay when processing Current Date filter column
    Added recurrence tooltip to the Recurrence toolbar button
    Item Grid printing displays color highlighting for overdue items
    Images added to My Reminder Date and Recurrence Date columns
    Added repeating item capability based on the start and end dates
    Tip of the Day window permits navigation of the main window

Version 2

11/28/09 Optimized memory usage
    Fixed incorrect CC default when sending e-mails via the New E-Mail Message window
10/12/09 Option to prevent auto-run when installing to USB flash drive
    Quick pick list added to the Edit window "Remind Me" button
    Reminder buttons now show mouse-over tips for the currently selected task in the Task Grid
    Added strikethrough text toolbar button
    Added horizontal rule toolbar button
    Now includes reminders when copying Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 tasks and e-mails
    Fixed invalid user assignment bug in the Task Grid context menu
    Minor interface bug fixes
07/26/09 Interface editing improvements
    Global hotkey to create a new task
    Status bar indication when not showing folders in the Task Grid
    Fixed startup error when network card is disabled
07/22/09 Added value/cost columns (Earned Value Management)
    Option to auto-close reminder window when empty
    Improved progress and time linking behavior
    Status bar indication when not showing checked documents
    Shortcut keys to complete and clear the task status
    Option to update parent or owner task modified time when a task is updated
    Added "Units" time unit
    Added time units to the Filter Query Designer
    Task Grid context menu option to reschedule dates
    Print task content menu options added to the Preview window
    Option to recur task in specified folder
    Shows login computer and date in the User Profile summary
    Shows network login details in the Database Properties window
    Hyperlink editing improvements
    FIPS cryptographic compliance
05/24/09 Added Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 contact drag-and-drop and copy/paste support
    New date/time and login user filter functions
    Sets appropriate default times for the date fields
    Option to e-mail the assigned user when a task status changes
    Added option to gray tasks that have been completed
    Added "New Document" to the tray icon context menu
    Improved handling of dropped connections when using USB devices and local area networks
    Shortcut icon option to open a document for editing
    Recurrence check added after overnight standby/hibernation
04/20/09 New toolbar arrow buttons for traversing previously selected folders, tasks and filters
    New date filter functions for day of week, work days, month, year
    New option for specifying the filter to be selected on login
    Login user selectable as the default assignee and owner
    New option to clear Owned By field when a task is completed
    New File menu option to add selected task to the Outlook Task List
    New task content menu option for inserting an image or file
    International character support for hyperlinks
    Recovers from 'Unrecognized database format' connection error
03/22/09 Added option to automatically refresh data in multi-user environments
    Added print preview menu options
    Added landscape orientation option for Task Grid printing
    New Filter Designer options to search Archives and Bin
    Fixed task filtering bug when referencing the login user name
    Fixed bug where data not saved exiting in-place editing mode
    Task Grid usability improvements
02/23/09 Added Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 task drag-and-drop and copy/paste support
    Original link and attachment hyperlinks created for Outlook e-mails and tasks
    Added outgoing mail server (SMTP) secure connection options (TLS/SSL), e-mail test button and Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! options
    Added File and context menu entries to print the Folders view
    Printing wide Task Grids now sizes to fit page width
    Fixed Escape key error on the reminder popup
01/14/09 Added visual filter and e-mail template support for Parent document and Owner document fields
    Added Professional Edition wizard for replicating user options, columns and custom type configuration to other login users
    Added bullet numbering to the task editor
    Added recurrence selection for 2nd and 3rd last days of the month
    Fixed Task Preview Details pane double update bug
11/16/08 Option to install to a USB flash drive from the Tools menu
    Option to hide completed tasks from view in the Task Grid
    Added due date options to the document recurrence window
    Added new library images
    Fixed shutdown error when the same user was logged on to the database from two PCs
    Fixed refresh button error that occurred when editing in-place
09/25/08 Fixed compatibility problem with 64-bit PCs
    New shortcut keys
    Added option to send e-mail when the document owner changes
    Added options to limit the users that can be selected as a document owner or assignee in multi-user permission templates
    Minor interface bug fixes
09/01/08 Added public filter option to enable filter sharing for multiple users
    New data validation checks
    Added GTD (Getting Things Done) items to the examples database
07/29/08 Added Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 e-mail drag-and-drop and copy/paste support
    Added options to send an e-mail or run an external program when a reminder is due
07/19/08 In-place Task Details editor added to the Task Preview Pane
    In-place Folder View editing
    Multi-select task updating (using the Task Grid context menu)
    Filter by Task Grid column value (using the Task Grid context menu)
    Selectable view styles
    Customizable image library
    Customizable Context, Priority and Impact types
    Toolbar button for showing tasks within the Folder View
    Toolbar button for hiding folders within the Task Grid
    Autocomplete support for Tags field
    Theme rendered interface with menu and toolbar style options
    Miscellaneous Task Grid editing improvements

Version 1

02/25/08 Fixed date filter bug.
01/28/08 New user permissions module for configuring folder accessibility, viewable tasks and editable columns.
    Folder View preview and editing
    New Filter View toolbar button for applying a filter to the Folder View
    Added Delete button to Task Grid toolbar
    Task Grid editing improvements
    Fixed e-mail formatting bug with text attachments
12/13/07 Minor interface bug fixes and help documentation updates
10/27/07 Fixed compatibility problem with 64-bit PCs
    Website hyperlink changes
09/04/07 Added administrative and limited user account types
    Added login password facility
    Added additional user images
    Added document refresh indicator for shared database users
    Fixed recurring task duplication bug in multi-user environment
    Fixed intermittent error when opening new task window
08/06/07 Find dialog options for searching in Archives and Bin
    Option for Esc key cancelling
    Application hot key is now configurable
    Option to retain license information on uninstall
08/01/07 Task recurrence capability
    Task e-mailing capability
    Task completion toolbar button
    Option to automatically move documents to another folder on completion
    New dialog window for exporting documents to file or clipboard
    Find dialog window option for searching beneath the selected folder
    Folders context menu command to sort and save Task Grid documents in Summary order
    Accelerator key support to Document Type and Status dropdown lists
03/13/07 Filtering, reminder and inline editing bug fixes and improvements
03/08/07 TaskMerlin setup file is digitally signed (verifying it's from Interfathom)
    Filter date fix for countries with non-US date formats
03/03/07 Performance optimization (faster document drag/drop and updating)
    Compatibility fixes for Windows Vista
    Upgraded to Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    Added morning configuration option for reminders
    Fixed Enter key bug in Filter dialog window
02/11/07 Added inline Task Preview editing and other editing improvements
    Date filtering and sorting improvements
    Options to start TaskMerlin when logging in to Windows and to open selected database
    Option to hide folders in the Task Grid
    Corrected shutdown problem during Windows log off
    Fixed Completed/Closed status type handling bug
11/04/06 Improved handling of dropped connections over local area and Internet networks
    Introduced application hot key and additional keyboard shortcuts
    Retains expanded folders on reload
10/23/06 Fixed text length warning during database upgrade
    Retains Task Grid selection when document changes are applied
10/19/06 Customizable document and status types
    New invoicing and person document and status types
    New user images
    Additional font and color configuration under the "Fonts and Colors" Options window tab
    Fixed slow font change problem
    "Apply" button added to the Options window
    Task Grid bug fixes and improvements
    Multi-user update improvements
    Performance optimization
07/07/06 Improved inline Task Grid editing
    Minor task reminder bug fixes and improvements
    Fixed text length error when setting a long database description
    Added program launch option to Setup
06/16/06 XP-style interface
    Added task reminder pop-up window and toolbar support
    Improved hyperlink editing
    Task Grid images and colors displayed on printouts
    Added data validation tool
    Filename for database backups is now selectable
03/09/06 Added "Paste Special" option to the Document Content and Quick Notes editor menus
    Fixed locale dependency affecting licensing in some countries
    Fixed database creation error with non-default "My Documents" folder locations
02/01/06 Added new document, status and impact types
    Changed Severity document field to Impact
    Added 'Tip of the Day' window
12/29/05 Optimized the refresh speed when previewing images
    Web links now open in a new browser window
    Added option to show Quick Notes on login to the Quick Notes window
    Added check for MDAC during setup
11/29/05 Displays Wizard on startup for creating or opening databases
    Improved "New/Open/Change/Save As" menu options and added Recent Databases menu
    Start Menu folder and Help shortcut added
    Now defaults to My Documents for storage of user data
11/14/05 Introduces 30-Day Evaluation Edition
11/07/05 Improved mouse and keyboard selection handling for the main screen
    Filter and Preview panes kept visible on screen resize
    Fixed filter duplication bug during data import/export
    Minor database template changes
10/27/05 Corrected display handling when large or custom DPI settings are used (e.g., selected laptops)
    Improved Windows Notification Area icon handling
    Improved check box handling for document content and Quick Notes
09/29/05 Web link fix for users requiring MDAC installation
09/26/05 Initial release

TaskMerlin 5.2
Microsoft Windows PC project softwareWindows 11/10, 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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