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TaskMerlin Reviews and Testimonials

"Thanks for the great application! Of all the to-do list / PIM apps I've tried, TaskMerlin is by far the best at accommodating my organizational style."
Mike Lemieux
Composer/Recording Artist
Idaho, USA
"Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your support and that I have registered the Professional Version this morning. This is a fine program, it supports the GTD method yet allows the user to apply their own personality to the process."
John Moore
Network Architect
Washington, USA
"I thought you may appreciate the following feedback regarding your Task Merlin v2 product, that I have been running on evaluation and have just purchased. I have been evaluating 6 different project/task management software packages, as I was finding that the Excel/Outlook combination I was using resulted in lots of manually written notes spread around my desk. After spending the last month testing each software package, I found that your solution is by far the best and easiest to use for what I am trying to achieve - which is why I have now purchased full licences."
Terry Dixon
IT Manager
London, UK
"I am, every day, relying more and more on TaskMerlin to manage our projects, and it is making life a lot easier. ... It is a wonderful product, we could not live without it."
Robyn Ord, Business Manager
Red Roo Australia Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Australia
"By the way, I personally have been searching for the last year on a program to help organize this crazy industry we are in. I did extensive research and spent uncounted hours trying to find something that was user-friendly for our guys in the shop as well as something we could customize. I don't have the words to even say how excited I was to find this. I can't wait to work more with this program and get it customized to our needs. I really believe you could market this to the printing and graphics industry ... This is perfect. Thanks - Aimee"
Aimee Burroughs
Franklin Graphics
Oklahoma, USA
"This is the most wonderful project/task management system I could ever have hoped to find !! I have downloaded loads of demo versions and trials of other systems and tried various web-based systems and found them all either too simple or too complicated and most totally lacking in true usability. Well done and many thanks for a great and sensibly-priced product."
Richard Hayden
London, UK
"After using your product, please accept my congratulations for its high quality. I am using your product on my main pc system and laptop as well. Your product definitely excels over other high-quality project management tools, for its simplicity and high-efficiency, including Microsoft Project. It maybe needs more advertisement, so everyone knows about it."
George Giakos
Ohio, USA
"Absolutely love the software, it has already become indispensable to me! I have been looking for better task management software for so long I'd given up, so I can't tell you how happy I am to have found Task Merlin."
Abby Fichtner
Hew Hampshire, USA
"There are many tools out there that do a lot of good life cycle management. There are very few tools that do well at Manager management. In other words, a tool that helps managers organize and track the ungodly amount of work that comes with management. You guys built a tool that is exactly what was in my head from a "I wish I had tool that does X". Great job! I love this tool. It makes me look like I know what the hell is going on all the time. LOL, if they only knew."
Sonny Espinoza
Manager, Customer Escalation
Colorado, USA
"I purchased Taskmerlin on my past job to coordinate with my team and it worked great!"
Antonio Núñez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"One of the most flexible tools I have ever used. Pros: TaskMerlin is the most flexible product I could want. The built in categories, task type, status, priority and impact are completely customizable for my needs. The large list of task types helps me to organize me project more effectively. ... Basically, I have been using TaskMerlin for several years, and have searched and tried other task managers. TaskMerlin continues to provide the best organization of my tasks and projects, without needing several classes, like other products. Task Merlin starts when I need it in the morning and can stay out of the way when I am busy. It is the first thing I open, and the last item I close."
"Exceptional Small Project/Task Solution. Pros: Dollar-for-Dollar, Unparalleled!!!"
"An easy to use product that does exactly what it claims. Pros: Very easy to use and intuitive. I had been looking for a simple task manager to help me in my new job and this is ideal. It is not over complicated but has a lot of powerful features if you wish to use them. ... Summary: I work in education and constantly have a lot of tasks ongoing. TaskMerlin lets me manage these easily and without needing to spend a lot of time learning the program. I would recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule who wants to record what they are working on and get reminders for actions. Exactly what I was looking for!"
"Keep up the great work! ... I think you've got a wonderful piece of software here. As a software developer myself I can see how much thought has gone into it. I absolutely love the way you have approached the problem using folders and tasks. A stroke of genius :-)"
Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
"TaskMerlin is a hierarchical task, project, and note outliner with a lot of attention to detail ... TaskMerlin does GTD and Total, Relaxed Organization."
Kevin Crenshaw
Productivity Coach, Priacta
GTD and TRO with TaskMerlin
"This is a perfect solution to actually getting things done. I have tried numerous solutions that provide task and project management. This is the most effective, most complete solution I have tested--managed accomplishment without unnecessary, confounding complexities."
R. Bowks
New York, USA
"Very impressed with your software and service... What is great about your product is that it is offers plenty without being too complex, can be used by office folk as it reminds them of folder / Outlook layout they are used to and is very cost effective. Well done."
David Tidmarsh
Executive Manager, EAGALA
London, UK
"I have reviewed a number of task managers and yours is by far the best I have ever used. I think that you have a good approach to developing a task manager."
Sydney, Australia
"btw... great application! I am impressed with the variety of information the application can store... I have used it to keep reference material that comes in digitally and have used it to take notes for a meeting having to do with a project."
John Moore
Network Architect
Washington, USA
"By the way, I'm impressed with your software. I've been in the software industry for 12+ years and think you've done a great job here. I've been looking for a good task manager for years and have finally found one!"
London, UK
"Thank you very much for the fast and thorough support! ... Very glad I decided to purchase your software - largely because of the incredibly fast and efficient support I've received! Thanks again!"
Ron D Trainer
Virginia, USA
"After all the task management software we tried, TaskMerlin has been a lifesaver for our business."
Kristi Holstead
Bottom Line Bookkeeping
Texas, USA
"Thank you for such a timely response! I must say, I am in love with TaskMerlin! It is exactly what I have been looking for. ... Once again, thanks for your time and your amazing work put into TaskMerlin! The sky is the limit with this software."
Eric Young
Project Manager (Certified Associate of Project Management - Project Management Institute)
Washington, USA
"After trying and using several task and GTD tools over a few years I have finally found the one that has all the key features! TaskMerlin must have been listening to my wish list before I even found them on the internet :). The flexibility to define hierarchical tasks, customize several attributes including Context, Document Types, Status, Priority, Importance, and use the ability custom filters, allows me to implement GTD and the 7 Habits in exactly the way that works for me. I have copies moving between the office and home, and I can print it out if on the go. My next step is to get my team onto the Server version. Thank you TaskMerlin! Keep it up."
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"First of all, congratulations on a great product (TaskMerlin). I have tried up to 15 of the current offerings and to be honest, not one of them has a true understanding of minor project or task management, or cater for simple tasks that can turn into minor projects. Another aspect is the management of those tasks, e.g. email reminders of what is due etc. Again your product seems to be on top of this. I was getting so frustrated, that I was prepared to put the time in and write it myself. It appears that I don't have to now. Your product is Absolutely brilliant!!!"
Bob Fryer
Director, Netintegrity Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
"I love this app, it was exactly what I was looking for. It was like you wrote it for me."
Scott MacPherson
Los Angeles, California, USA
"I am really enjoying this program. For the price it is amazing! And being able to put it on my thumb drive and take from home to work and back again - Thank you!"
Mary E. McNair
Richardson, Texas, USA
"After landing a new job last year that required lots of multi-tasking I reviewed a number of management systems and decided to purchase TaskMerlin. A year on and I don't think I could have survived without it! I've just changed laptops and based on previous experience with moving s/w was expecting problems - not with TaskMerlin! It downloaded, recognised my licence details and it is up and running again. I work in education and would recommend TaskMerlin without hesitation to any other teacher or school manager!"
Jan Gallon
London, UK
"Congratulations on an excellent application. I have just finished comparing 31 task manager applications and have found yours to be a near perfect fit."
Simon J Scott-Beer
London, UK
"Love the product, excellent interface, well written and very comprehensive."
David Lynch
Wellington, New Zealand
"I recently purchased TaskMerlin V2.0.0.9 Personal Edition and it is the most-used application on my laptop on a daily basis. I rely heavily on it to help me manage and prioritize literally hundreds of concurrent tasks and projects in my occupation. Thank you!!!"
Kip Maroste
Corvallis, Oregon, USA
"Hello, I’m writing to tell you how much I love your product. As a senior technical writer for a credit reporting agency who maintains over 100 technical specs a year, I’ve long desired a good task management tool to help me keep track of my deliverables and resources ... When I downloaded Task Merlin, I was immediately impressed with the way its inherent structure (existing doc types and other attributes) blended so well with its flexibility. ... I now use the product for both my personal-business and my work files. (It’s an easy switch between databases.) I’ve been using the product since the first of the year, and I am now completely dependent on it to manage my life. I’m even thinking of keeping my journal in it! The product is also a joy to use. ... Thank you so much for creating Task Merlin. You have solved many a task-management problem for me."
Karen Field Carroll
Sr. Technical Writer, Author
Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA
"This is by far the ONLY task management software on the market that has come close to a complete solution. The fact that you integrate project management style framework with GTD-type functionality is what I have been looking for. ... This is a great product that is far superior to a lot of the more "well-known" ones on the market. Good job."
Khaled J.
Dubai, UAE
"I have been evaluating Task Merlin, and now I'm fully using it to implement the GTD system. It has been a real life saver for me, and I want to congratulate you for your job on the product."
Costas Ioannou
Athens, Greece
"I just purchased the personal version – thank you for your prompt responses over the last few days – it’s been exemplary service."
Gary Masino
Los Angeles, California, USA
"I’d like to say thank you for wonderful software. TaskMerlin is the best GTD tool for Windows ever."
Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia
"This is an outstanding program. This software doesn't just organize my work. It organizes my life. After reading the book First Things First years ago, I started to organize my "day planner" very differently. I realized every aspect of my life really could be organized both efficiently and effectively and quite frankly, your software now takes the place of my day planner since I can use it to implement the strategies in First Things First. My family/household/personal activities are "projects"! The fact that I can put it on a USB drive is a huge plus. As I stated before, I really can't believe you guys only charge $49 for this thing. It's by far the best bargain in software I've ever gotten. So, thanks again."
Ann Sollomon
Tooele, Utah, USA
"I've used TM 2 and just bought the upgrade to version 3. I've been looking for a piece of software like this for a long time. It's really wonderful - great work."
Mike Hill
Senior Data Analyst
Littleton, Colorado, USA
"I have been evaluating TaskMerlin for a few days, and am very happy to find a very good alternative to my old but efficient excel advanced spreadsheet!"
Hervé LIN
Paris, France
"I've been using your software for over 8 months now and want to compliment you on an excellent product. The flexibility it provides and options to customize nearly everything ended my long search for a good tool to manage tasks, people and projects."
Pascal Janssens
Mechelen, Belgium
"Once again, thank you for the support – your responsiveness and detailed explanations are the best levels of customer service I’ve ever experienced with any software product–and that's not hyperbole. Keep up the good work."
Gary Masino
Los Angeles, California, USA
"Oh, god, I love this program :-)"
Costas Ioannou
Athens, Greece
"You've really thought of an incredible number of good things for this software. It's my favorite application - and I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to organizational software. Kudos to you!"
Mike Hill
Senior Data Analyst
Littleton, Colorado, USA
"Calendar Feature Rocks. Just wanted to congratulate you on the latest version of TM. I LOVE the calendar feature. You did a great job integrating that, and I hope you’re getting lots of positive feedback on it from your users."
Karen Field Carroll
Sr. Technical Writer, Author
Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA
"Let me take the opportunity to compliment you on an excellent support and customer feedback. It is particularly comforting to know that behind your wonderful software, a dynamic operation ensures both evolution of the product as well as occasional trouble shooting. I will continue to recommend Taskmerlin as the most efficient, versatile and flexible tool for both personal organization as well as project and people management."
Pascal Janssens
Mechelen, Belgium
"Thanks, and thanks for the quick response. I am really pleased with Taskmerlin. I once ran a two hundred person project in 7 countries using MS Project - this is sooo much better."
Barry Pokorney
Compass Rose Realty, Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
"I am an IT consultant and have been using TM for several weeks now. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the design of TM. If my computer is on, TM is loaded and ready. It has become more useful than Outlook or my time management application! Thanks for developing this incredibly useful tool!"
Joel Ruths
jmrDesign LLC
Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA
"That's a first! Never has a software author responded personally with an upgrade to a request/observation! Thanks for such a personal touch at a time when customers are essentially put into a queue and treated with indifference and parrot speak. I am stunned!"
Alden L. Baker, Jr
Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
"Congratulations! TaskMerlin is intuitive, functional and scalable. This is the first task manager I've seen that really adds value to the task management process."
Brooks Jealous
Beijing, China
"Just wanted to drop a note (in case you haven't heard in a while) on what a great product you have. I use it everyday. Thank you!"
Laszlo Gonc
Chicago, Illinois, USA
"I am very impressed with TaskMerlin. One feature that is super nice is the ability to drag actionable emails (and their attachments!) straight from Outlook into TaskMerlin. A number of other nice features discovered as well. Thank you for developing and delivering an excellent, well-supported solution."
Richard Andersen
San Jose, California, USA
"When I see a "testimonial" about great service, I always take it with a grain of salt, especially when support is via email. You folks answered my question within 5 minutes. When everyone else is cutting corners to save a buck, you are doing the right thing."
Brooks Jealous
Beijing, China
"FYI....Another person new to TaskMerlin recommended it and I've found it quite helpful in organizing my personal tasks. Thank you! I've been looking for something like this for a long time and its functioning far outperforms the Excel spreadsheet I tried to use."
Terri RaFalik
Herndon, Virginia, USA
"I absolutely love TaskMerlin; what a fantastic product!"
Joel Ruths
jmrDesign LLC
Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA
"TaskMerlin is simply Genius for task and project management. (click for full review)"
Frank Marciano
Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
"I also want to say that Interfathom's level of service is excellent. We run an online store, and have built our reputation on superior customer service. It seems to be a dying art these days, and it's refreshing to see it in the companies we use."
Kurt G Schumacher
Marietta, Georgia, USA
"This is a spectacular program that I have been using for just over a year. I downloaded V4.1 just a few hours ago. Gets better every time."
Roy Caban
Manager, IT Applications & Development
Mt Laurel, New Jersey, USA
"Wow. I have found Task Merlin to be a very stable product, but with support like this it makes it a first class product! Many thanks for your quick response."
Alan Murray
Christchurch, New Zealand
"This sure seems an 'adult' version of a Task mgr - an amazing program! Thanks!"
David Gutman
Bend, Oregon, USA
"TM is a real treasure chest with all its customizing possibilities. Love it!"
Carsten Heitmann
Stockholm, Sweden
"I LOVE this product! I work on multiple teams at my job, and Task Merlin helps me manage all of my tasks across each team while allowing easy report printouts that I submit to my manager on a weekly basis."
Charles Speer
Austin, Texas, USA
"TM is intuitive and simple enough to start using almost right away, but robust and complex enough to do almost anything you want it to."
Michael D'Arrigo
Athens, Georgia, USA
"Thanks for the speedy reply. Couldn't resist -- enjoyed jumping right into the excellent TASKMERLIN. And found how simple and seamless you made making every workspace super accessible to us *other side of 40* users with a desperate need to make everything we read and keyboard a little bit larger, and less starkly whited out. In just about 3 steps I could transform each workspace entry area, and each grid and calendar view into a larger font, and an easy-on-the-eyes buff or sage colored background...Or any other color, or font! One word: BRILLIANT! Now, I see you have a pretty straightforward short tutorial in print on how to import and export from TASKMERLIN. I found the help docs to be well designed and perfectly searchable...something often missing in the marketplace. But I really didn't need them, so intuitive are most of the controls and layout. Congratulations on ease of use and abundant features -- no big learning curve, either."
D. Green
San Francisco, California, USA
"The ability to make more or less folders and then move things around from one place to another is a true virtue of this program. One's needs in life evolve and this program can evolve right along with the person. It is truly fluid and portable. A new hobby? A new goal? A new project? No problem - just create a new folder. If something which was once important is no longer so ..... simply archive that folder and all the sub-folders therein. If an interest in the area returns, at some future date, it can be brought back easily enough. I think you undervalue this program when you call it a "task manager." It is more of a "Life Manager" and it can follow any direction one's life takes. It can be as simple or as complex - in terms of sub folders and interests - as the person needs it to be. Travelers? Your program has done for data what Kindle has done for books. People now just pick up and travel around now without having to give a second thought about what books to bring along. Same with your program. Once one gets in the habit of putting everything into Task Merlin, if he travels anywhere - no problem. It is all there. This program truly is a “Life Manager.” There can be a folder for anything or everything - from junk notes, to recipes, to favorite quotes, to details of business transactions, to a writing a textbook ...... and all organized in a tree which makes getting to data a snap. Thanks again for writing this little gem."
Lois E. Brenneman, MSN, FNP
Carbondale, Pennsylvania, USA
"I know I have been bombarding the technical support with lots of questions, and they have been great. This tool is so robust and so customizable, it's unbelievable. I just wanted to say thanks for answering all of my questions quickly and with relevant, useful information!"
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, USA
"FANTASTIC!!! That got me fixed up!! OUTSTANDING customer service!! Thanks!!"
Andy Finsterwald
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
"I have been using Task Merlin for more than a year and it is a great product!"
Prasad Choragudi
Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
"I have been trialing task merlin and find it very intuitive and easy to use."
Nick Protts
London, UK
"I love Task Merlin and I’ve recommended it to many other people. It is sophisticated but easily-customisable software that enables me to track, manage, itemise and arrange my projects and provides me with one clear, logical screen to do all of that. I love the fact that I can change a layout when I need to and it changes in all subsequent views. Task Merlin is simply the best project management tool I have used and I have tested hundreds - keep up the great work!"
Bill Boyle, Managing Director, WHB Communications
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Andrew, thank you! This is exactly what I was hoping for. You guys are amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m loving your program and how it has evolved over the years. A few years back I started programming my own app like this with Access and VBA, but then I found your app and it was like you guys were reading my mind. A very enthusiastic customer."
David Chainey
Seattle, Washington, USA
"We have been using TaskMerlin for a couple of months now – very useful and has made itself worth the effort & cost many times over."
Howard Bray, Project Manager, Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia
"The best PC task management tool just got better! Task Merlin now syncs perfectly with Google Tasks and iPhone task management tools that work with Google. I can now manage / organize / prioritize complex task lists and bi-directionally sync them with a mobile phone on a near-real time basis for execution and tracking. Task Merlin is the most complete and comprehensive solution in the PC / mobile market."
Brooks Jealous
Beijing, China
"Again, I love TaskMerlin. A unique and powerful tool!"
Darrell Gordon, Product Manager, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Pullman, Washington, USA
"That worked! Thank you so much! BTW, I really freakin’ love this app. I just gave a presentation on that Premium Support section in there including the Gantt chart, and then made edits up on the big screen while we discussed the project, and everyone was blown away by TaskMerlin. The whole company still uses Excel for this kind of stuff… and we’re a software company. I may get some converts for you soon."
David Chainey
Seattle, Washington, USA
"I love Taskmerlin – fantastic! I use it in so many different ways – brainstorming, organising data, running projects or simply tracking tasks."
John Hadler
Colchester, Essex, England
"This really helps! Your support group is awesome! Every time I have a question I get a quick response that tells me exactly how to do what I need to do."
Anne Bogardus
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
"My laptop died and had to purchase new. I missed TaskMerlin during the first month of adjusting to Windows10. I realized I needed my TaskMerlin! Going to your website to get my key was the easiest thing! So THANK YOU."
Terri RaFalik
Herndon, Virginia, USA
"What makes your software so powerful is its ability to adapt to any personal organizational convention the user comes up with. The ability to customize the Edit Layout is a stroke of genius - since there are so many fields, allowing the user to remove ones they don't use is immensely helpful."
Sholom Dreyfuss, CIO, Pearl Capital Business Funding, LLC
New York, USA
"I want to thank you for TaskMerlin. I am a professional project manager with a master’s degree in project management and PMP certified. I have used TaskMerlin for several years. It is a much better product for me to track status of individual tasks. I hope you all plan to support this product for many years to come."
Jack Lee
Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

TaskMerlin 5.2
Microsoft Windows PC project softwareWindows 11/10, 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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Compatible with Windows 7

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Support and Upgrades
EULA You can optionally add up to three years of support and major version upgrades.

Task Management Software
PC World Editor's Review
"There's a lot of flexibility and customizability here ... Overall, TaskMerlin is full-featured and inexpensive."
Ian Harac
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"TaskMerlin is a hierarchical task, project, and note outliner with a lot of attention to detail."
Kevin Crenshaw
Productivity Coach
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Bestcovery Best Application
"Feature rich, Task Merlin’s got a learning curve, but like dating the hot foreign exchange student that doesn’t speak English, it’s worth it."
Kristopher Dukes
Best Time and Task Management App for School
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Dr. File Finder Favorite
"TaskMerlin is a full-featured program for managing all kinds of projects ... if you'd like to get yourself organized take a good look at TaskMerlin. I recommend it."
Michael E. Callahan
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SoftArea51 Editor's Words
"If you have ever used project management software before, you will know that they can be quite difficult and confusing to use. Task Merlin is intuitively laid out and everything is where you would expect it to be."
Jim Clayton
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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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