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Setting Item Types

In TaskMerlin the simplest type of item is a Task. However TaskMerlin can store much more than just tasks. You can store information, dates, phone numbers, pictures - practically anything you like. To help you categorize things better we've introduced lots of different item types for you to use.

If you select the down arrow button on the Create a new item toolbar button, a drop down box will appear (you can also get the same menu by right clicking in the Item Grid). All the different item types can be selected through this menu.

Item types

There's not a lot of difference between the item types except the picture and the name, but choosing different item types will help you find and sort through things later.

While we've included quite a number of item types for you to choose from, you might find that there's one missing that you'd really like to have. If so, let us know - chances are we'll include it in the next update. Also, if you'd like to categorize the task types differently, or create your own, that's easy to do. Simply go to the Manage menu and choose Types | Item Types. You can customize them however you like.

Task Management Software
Testimonial"There's a lot of flexibility and customizability here. You can create new types of documents or priorities (such as "I Need It Yesterday!")."
Ian Harac
Editor's Review
PC World

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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