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TaskMerlin Upgrades and Support Package

Our support package lowers the total cost of ownership, making it easy to receive major upgrades and support with minimal inconvenience. This allows us to continually develop TaskMerlin while providing quality support.


For the duration of the support package you will not need to pay for upgrades. This benefits owners in two ways:

  1. Users can always have the latest version of TaskMerlin, without the cost, hassle or delay of additional purchases.
  2. The cost of support is less than the cost of paying for upgrades, saving you money.


For the duration of the support package, you will receive priority support for TaskMerlin vi e-mail. We normally resolve problems within 24 service hours.


When support has been purchased, this is recorded in our internal systems and on the purchaser's receipt. This allows us to send all support owners an up-to-date license whenever a new version comes out. It also allows us to evaluate whether a support request is backed by a support package. This means that support owners need take no active steps to receive support, since it is all handled by our internal systems.

Purchasing support and upgrades

Support and upgrade packages can be purchased when you buy TaskMerlin. This costs 25% of the license price for each year.

If your support and upgrade subscription has expired and you would like to purchase the most recent version, please see TaskMerlin License Upgrade.


The cost of extending a subscription is 25% of the full product price per year and will ensure that you continue receiving the latest versions as they are released along with priority email support.

For enquiries about renewals, please contact admin@taskmerlin.com.

TaskMerlin 5.2
Microsoft Windows PC project softwareWindows 11/10, 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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Task Management Software

Testimonial"I also want to say that Interfathom's level of service is excellent. We run an online store, and have built our reputation on superior customer service. It seems to be a dying art these days, and it's refreshing to see it in the companies we use."
Kurt G Schumacher
Marietta, Georgia, USA

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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