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Task Management Software

3. Shop and department collaboration

It's easy to get up to speed with TaskMerlin, making it ideal for shop workers or department personnel who don't have the time or training to learn and use overly-complicated software.

Tasks can be shared across a Windows local area network (LAN), making it straightforward for managers to assign tasks, and keep track of their progress until completion.

Since it only takes a few seconds to update task information, employees won't feel like it's taking time away from getting their work done.

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Task Management Software
Testimonial"By the way, I personally have been searching for the last year on a program to help organize this crazy industry we are in. I did extensive research and spent uncounted hours trying to find something that was user-friendly for our guys in the shop as well as something we could customize. I don't have the words to even say how excited I was to find this. I can't wait to work more with this program and get it customized to our needs. I really believe you could market this to the printing and graphics industry ... This is perfect. Thanks - Aimee"
Aimee Burroughs
Franklin Graphics
Oklahoma, USA

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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