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How to Accomplish Your Goals

Determine your goals

Your primary objective is to work out what your important goals are for the year. In order to achieve your goals, start by writing them down or entering them into a software program where they won't be forgotten. Then you can refine them and add further detail.

For example, let's say that an important goal this year is to get organized and reduce your stress. Simply create a new goal called 'Get Organized'. If you have other goals, such as getting fit, or finding a new job, then they can be entered as new goals (or projects) as well.

Make your goals concrete

Next, think about what it would mean to achieve your goals. For example, 'Get Organized' might mean knowing where everything is, or listing and prioritizing your daily tasks. So add this information as well.

Achieving your goals will require developing good habits and measuring your progress as you go. Throughout the year, as you revisit your goals, add new information you have learned, and fill out the process in more detail.

Keep track of what you need to get done

To continue to be effective throughout the year, you need to move all the things you need to get done out of your mind and into your chosen system (such as a diary, PC document, or software tool). At that point, you will have a permanent record of the jobs you need to do. This then frees up your mind for thinking about those jobs, adding necessary detail, prioritizing and taking action on them.

Once you become used to working this way, and you know from experience that nothing is being forgotten, you'll find your stress levels dropping too.

Review your progress

As a consequence of recording your tasks, you will see what goals you have successfully achieved, how long they took, and what is yet to be completed. This, in turn, helps you understand your capabilities (or those of your team), and to more effectively plan your time for the future.

Achieve your goals and relax!

Since all your goals and tasks are being tracked, you're able to focus all your energies on achieving them. The result? You'll gain control of your life, and be productive and relaxed, even in your busiest times.

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Task Management Software
Testimonial"Thanks for the great application! Of all the to-do list / PIM apps I've tried, TaskMerlin is by far the best at accommodating my organizational style."
Mike Lemieux
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Idaho, USA

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Task Management Software
Task Management Software

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